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Release Notes 4.1


1. System-Requirements
  • 4.1.0: Mac OS X >= 10.6 (Snow Leopard) up to 10.12 (Sierra)
    Computer: Intel 64 Bit, Intel 32 Bit


  • Users of Single Line Fonts (1Line) shouldn't update to Mac OS 10.10 - 10.12, until Apple has fixed an issue preventing certain characters from working !
    However, the 2-Line Fonts work.

2. File Locations and Installation
  • Generally it is good advice to make a copy of an Application, before installing a new version (Cenon.app -> Cenon-4.0.5.app). This way, you can always go back to the previous release, if necessary.

  • With version 4.0.3 Cenon received a new App-Id (com.Cenon). When installing Cenon 4.0.3 or higher the old database will be copied from "de.vhf.Cenon" to "com.Cenon". This way old and new versions remain working with the same defaults.
    When updating to Cenon 4.0.3, the installation creates a copy of an existing Version of Cenon (Cenon_old.app).
    To start Cenon the first time after the Installation, you have to start Cenon directly from the Application folder (not the Dock).

  • Version 4.0.3 creates a convenience link to the hidden User Library:

    • "Dokumente/Cenon" -> "Library/Application Support/Cenon"

3. Cenon-Files (.cenon)
  • The files written with Release 4.1 can be read by older Versions of Cenon (down to Version 3.6). However, some features including the features listed below, will be ignored:

    • 4.0.0: Coordinate Precission [increased in 4.0]
    • 3.9.0: Project Settings [new in 3.9.0]

4. Device Files ("Library/Application Support/Cenon/Devices/xyz/*.dev")

5. Camera+Targeting

  • Camera+Targeting can run in 32 Bit or 64 Bit Mode.

    • 32 Bit Mode is needed for Digitus Video-Grabber and VideoGlide Driver.
    • 64 Bit can be used with certain new UVC Video-Grabber devices. No driver needs to be installed.

    If you have a Digitus Video-Grabber and VideoGlide driver and a 64 Bit Computer, you need to start Cenon in 32 Bit Mode !
    In Finder, select Cenon.app and pick "File -> Get Info" from the menu. In the inspector check "Open as 32-bit mode".
    Bit OS X Camera+Technology
    32 >= 10.5 QTCapture with VideoGlide Driver
    32 / 64 >= 10.7 AVCapture with special UVC Video Grabber

    Warning: Users with the UCD-211 Video Grabber (black) can also Upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, but need to upgrade to at least Mac OS 10.12.4.

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