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Release Notes 3.9


1. Cenon-Documents (.cenon)

The files written with Release 3.9 can be read by older Versions of Cenon (down to Version 3.6), but the following new Features will be ignored:

  • Project Settings (new in 3.9.0)

2. Device Files (Library/Cenon/Devices/xyz/*.dev)

The following changes were made to the device files:

  • Switch-Entries (#SW1, #SW2, #SW3, #SW4)
    (modified in 3.9.0)

    The Switch-Entries have been extended by two more parameters, allowing to set the title of the switch in the Control-Panel, and a flag to tell if the switch is safe.
    -> If the device entry is not updated, the old behaviour remains.

    The switch entries expect the following parameters:
    1. Command for switching ON
    2. Command for switching OFF
    3. Title of the switch, or "" to leave the default values.
    4. Flag: 1 = switch can be switched during output, 0 = switch is inactive during output.

    Switch 1   #SW1 "Command On" "Command Off" "Spindle" 0
    Switch 2   #SW2 "Command On" "Command Off" "Music"   1

    In the Example it is not possible to turn off the Spindle while the machine is active, but it is possible to turn off the Music.

  • Camera Support for Gauging (#COF)
    (added in 3.9.0)

    If the Camera-Gauging is needed, then you have to set the new Device-Entry "#COF" with the offset of the Camera. The offset is the distance of the camera relative to the tool. The tool being the origin.

    camera offset XY from tool (mm)   #COF 60.0 5.0

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