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List of changes for Cenon CAM Version 4.1.x.


4.1.4 (2019-12-19)

  • new certificates
  • Fix, Update-Panel works >= Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Fix, move to origin (Home, then move XY moved XY before lowering to move height)
  • Fix, Contour-Fill: memory usage reduced to work on computers with less memory (and 64 Bit)
  • Fix, Help-Menu: Mail address corrected

4.1.3 (2018-08-29)

  • RunTime Panel: display the currently processed project until it is finished (potential crash)
  • Layer-Panel: disturbing tool-tip removed
  • Fix, Output: potential crash after output
  • Fix: possible crash in calculation
  • Fix, Cutting: rectangle with negative offset crashed [since 4.1.1]
  • Fix, Embedded Commands: don't lift z before sending the commands
  • Fix, Output: if user moves machine away from origin (with handheld box), force a safe move to origin
  • Fix, Pickout: force recalculation of filling, even if the original layer is off (eye closed)
  • Fix, Pickout: force recalculation of pickout for Arc, PolyLine, Rectangle
  • Fix, Pickout: don't calculate second filling, if filling is not desired
  • Fix, Draw Output: drawing with tool width and approach angle will draw black anyway

  • Fix, Update-Panel: display correct version number
  • Fix, potential crash on Mac OS Sierra in 32 Bit Mode

4.1.2 (2017-11-22)

  • Fix, Draw Output / RunTime: calculation for threads improved
  • Fix, Threads: wait with quitting until thread output has finished
  • Fix, Licensing: conflict with Run-Time Panel (DataTable) solved
  • Fix, CAM-Panel, Layer: copy layer selects all objects on new layer, and removes selection on source layer
  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: Console warning removed for 32 Bit QT based frame grabbing
  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: huge memory leak fixed [since 4.1.1]

  • Fix, DIN-Import: loading of parameters with outdated encodings (like Western)
  • Fix, DIN-Import: SM3000 and Excellon import works again [since 4.1.0]
  • Fix, DXF-Import: 2nd degree (square) splines added
  • Fix, DXF-Import: error handling for splines, negative knots fixed, import tinier splines
  • Fix, DXF-Import: use colors of layer, if no graphics color is set in graphics
  • Fix, SVG-Import: arcs in path fixed

4.1.1 (2017-07-13)

  • Fix, Contour-Fill: issue with very small graphics and end angle fixed
  • Memory use optimized, especially when opening lots of files
  • Fix, Display Output: improved for relief (draw with Z of center of 3-D line to reduce error)
  • Fix, Countersink: default values fixed (t2, step size)
  • Fix, Mac OS 10.12, Sierra: immediately remove Alert Panel after tool exchange
  • Fix, Aggregate Window: disabled in German 4.1 [since 4.1.0]
  • Fix, Threads: halt during output of threads (not possible any more)
  • Fix, Contour-Fill: possible array overflow fixed [beta 2]
  • Layer-Panel: Icon in "move to layer" button, move and copy in one line [beta 3]
  • Panels: aligned to 8 Pix, Color-Wells without second frame, ... [beta 3]
  • Fix, Contour-Fill: possible array overflow fixed (one more) [beta 3]

  • DXF-Import: support for ATTDEF added
  • DXF-Import: positions of certain DXF-Files improved (scale and base point)
  • DXF-Import: positions and scale of certain DXF-Files with embedded INSERTs improved
  • Transform-Panel: Order changed: rotate Icon before Mix
  • Transform-Panel: Move absolute improved (always moves the lower/left corner of graphics to point)
  • Transform-Panel, Rotate: rotate single object around selected point [beta 2]
  • Fix, Contour: improved, bug fixed [beta 2]
  • Fix, DXF-Import: formatting codes of MTEXT improved
  • Fix, Memory use optimized
  • Fix, Export TIFF: issue with PolyLines fixed
  • Fix, color shading: potential issue for radial color shading fixed
  • Fix, Save: potential issue when saving empty text (if text improperly finished editing)
  • Fix, Punch: issue in certain situations fixed
  • Fix, Punch: works for rectangles in certain difficult arrangements
  • Fix, Transform-Panel: scale absolute for 0-sized objects
  • Fix, Sierra: workaround for saving TIFF images
  • Fix, Sierra: Raster contour works on Mac OS 10.12
  • Panels: aligned to 8 Pix, Color-Wells without second frame, ... [beta 3]
  • Coordinates X/Y, W/H in columns [so far English only] [beta 3]

4.1.0 - (2017-02-13)

  • New: RunTime-Panel: display run-time Information / Output Statistics
  • New, Layer-Panel: Copy Layer
  • New, Diagnosis and Correction of machining quality for bezier curves
    Drag Point: miss-aligned handles of curves in paths are snapped to connecting tangent
    Curve handles are snapped within snap distance (Preferences).
    Outside snap distance a gray line displayes the connecting tangent.
  • Display Output: display depth of output with grayscales (Menu: Display->Show Diameter)
  • Output (lookAhead): output process is more responsive. lookAhead (#AHE) can be set to values # 255.
  • Webs: webs inside groups are applied now
  • Webs: webs can be applied on single lines and curves
  • Smoothing/Settlement: without a last step, smoothing is applied separately [RELEASE NOTES !]
  • Filling: the offset of the filling is now equal to the inset + overlap (but never < 0.01 mm)
  • Contour Fill: contour fill always from inside to outside - filling comes before contour [RELEASE NOTES !]
  • PCB: postition of BlowUp and RubOut layer can be before or behind Isolation layer
  • CAM-Panel: new layer uses name from name field, if usable (same behaviour as inspector)
  • CAM Device Configuration: log line number and line of a syntax error (instead of character location)
  • icut-Import: import Circle for pattern types "Any" and "Circle" (see Project-Settings->Camera),
    otherwise import cross marker
  • Thread: allow selection with click by entire radius (not only rim)
  • CAM-Panel: Tool Tips added for Layer Pane
  • Docu 4.1: erweitert
  • Fix, Auto-Switches: improvements without vhf CNC controller
  • Fix, Standard Filling: finishing line of path filling could leave a gap in certain situation
  • Fix, Contour-Fill: improvement for connecting contour filling to contour
  • Fix, Flexible Automation: subpaths are working again
  • Fix, Contour-Fill, Camera+Targeting: improved (possible division by zero)
  • Fix, Tool-Magazine: removing tool updates assigned tools in projects
  • Fix, PickOut: potential division by 0 caught
  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: log issues with camera transformation
  • Fix, Run-Time: Auto-Switch improved: switching off returns correction to 100%.
    Correction calculated after output only
  • Fix, Save Output: cancel and stop improved
  • Fix, Output: minor fixes of the reference time #RFT [since beta 2]
  • Fix, Output Drawing: no grayscales for PickOut [since beta 6]

  • New: Zoom with Scroll-Wheel + Command key
    Zoom at mouse position by 5% of current scale. Uneven factors show a trailing "+" in Zoom-PopUp
    Command+Shift+Scroll zooms in 10% steps [added in b3]
  • New, Inspector: copy selection to layer
  • DXF-Import: SPLINEs
  • DXF-Import: parse font name from text formatting codes
  • DXF-Import: skip zero lines
  • EPS-Export: scale export to 100%, no matter how the document is scaled
  • EPS-Export: Alert of Alpha components in Document and offer automatic fixing
  • Document-Window: Tool-Tips added
  • Printing: save scale factor of page layout (only available with OS X >= 10.6)
  • Inspector: Tool Tips added für Icons on top (English only) and Layer-Inspector
  • Font-Editing: einlesen von Fonts reaktiviert
  • Import Font: document gets the name of the imported font file
  • Expert Mode: if active, the 1st appearance of tool tips is delayed by 3s (you have to restart Cenon)
  • Fix, Printing (>= Mac OS 10.8): scale from Print-Settings reenabled (since 4.0.4b4)
  • Fix, Move Points: while dragging points, control points stay on top of graphics
  • Fix, Move Points: vertical/horicontal constrain with Alternate key (since 4.0.2)
  • Tool radius compensation (left, right): inside correction = cutting against rotation (Path)
  • Fix, Inspector: moving an object recalculates output paths
  • All Fixes from Cenon 4.0.5 and 4.0.6

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