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List of advancements of Cenon CAM versions 3.6x.

More changes in the Cenon core can be found at www.Cenon.info

3.66 (2004-12-21)

  • New: Special Drill Thread-Cutter (type 2) implemented
  • Optimized machine positioning with activated parking position
3.65 (2004-12-14)

  • Tool Parameter: Number of cutting edges added
  • Fix, Marker Positions: marker position is set without changing the origin (since 3.63)
  • little improvements
3.63 / 3.64 (2004-10-12)

  • New, Position-Panel: Named markers from the document can be added as positions.
  • Position-Panel: Move to parking position now lifts z axis completely
  • faster batch copying
3.62 (2004-06-24)

  • Output: fast Helix interpolation with 3-D lines
  • Fix, Revolution: The revolution of a tool can be changed for the new CNC-Controller.
  • Import: HPGL-Import and DXF-Import leave arc centers outside of working area.
  • Fix, Text: Memory leak fixed
  • Preferences are active for new installations (since 3.60b?)
3.61 (2004-04-19)

  • Fix, thread output now returns from error (3.60)
  • Fix, allow settlement for rectangles with sharp edges (3.60b1)
3.60 (2004-04-03)

  • Fix, Output: Freezing after output without thread is fixed (since beta 10)
  • New, Tangential cutter: Support for tangential knife with the commands #TAN, #TAM and #MVT:
    range (mm), res controller (pts/inch)    #TAN 720 352.778
      range (mm) = 2 * 360 deg
      res (pts/inch) = 5000 pts/U / 360 deg * 25.4
    max angle (deg), max vector (mm)         #TAM 20.0 1.0
    move + rotate tangential knife (x, y, t) #MVT "PA%.0f,%.0f,,%.0f;"
  • Fix, Display Output: Output with arcs of 0 radius are displayed correctly now
  • Fix, Output: Calculation of some special arc combinations are now working.
3.60 beta 10 (2004-02-28)

  • PCB: Calculation of printed circuit boards improved.
  • CNC: optional asynchronous collection of return values from the CNC controller. This can be activated with the new parameter #THR 1 of the device configuration.
  • Fix, Batch Production: Layers disabled from batch production in the layer details panel are no longer included for batch production.
  • Fix, Output: After output in file, normal output still works.
  • Fix, Sinking: When splitting a helix, the dipping depth is now approached correctly. The splitted helix now starts in the material.

From beta 1 - beta 9 we have no logs online.

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