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Modifications in Cenon for versions 3.3x.

3.31 (2000-09-26)

  • Rechteck: Eckenradius wird wieder gespeichert (Bug seit 3.30)
  • Image: Speichern von neu angelegten Images wieder müglich (Bug seit 3.30)
  • Linien-Inspektor: Angabe von Startpunkt, Winkel, und Endpunkt müglich
  • Gerätekonfiguration: Neues Kommando #WAI zum Warten bis CNC-Controller alle Daten abgearbeitet hat (ersetzt Statusabfrage)
  • Devices/xyz/CNC750*.dev -> #WAI hinzugefügt
3.30 (2000-09-14)

  • New Feature: Bind text to path (Text Path)
    New Menu entry: Format -> Text -> Bind to Path
    You have to select a text and a shape object (Line, Arc, Curve) to build a Text Path.
    New Inspector added with extra button to get to the Inspector of the shape object.
    A Text Path can be used as serial number.
  • Text Path: split via Menu: Edit -> Split
  • Text Path: Undo/Redo
  • Text Path: Text on Path is always align left
  • Tile-Panel: You can apply size of material or number of tiles
  • Machine-Preferences: Switch to increment serial numbers when output has been finished
  • Moving of vertices: Resize of text box will display text without flickering
  • Automatic surface measuring deselects tool
  • automatic Z offset adjustment: Alert for negative distance between ring and tip of tool
  • Print: Margin for Printing and PostScript export set to 0
  • Cenon file format changed to property list (readable ASCII format)
    The new file format cannot be loaded with older Cenon versions!
  • Output paths are saved in separate file, and are ignored when imported to Linux.
  • Save: If backup file can't be created, the file will not be saved.
  • Thread: external thread is created on tool radius correction to the outside
  • Thread: Interpolation with arcs if no helix command available
  • Grid: Grid can be activated directly after creating a new document

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