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Cenon CAM - Manufacturing with Style

Cenon is a proven software solution for manufacturing. With the help of Cenon all manufacturing steps (like Cutting, Engraving, Routing, Milling, Drilling, Thread-Cutting, Plotting, etc.) can be realized with a single application. Additionally, Cenon offers power features for specialized areas of manufacturing.
With the clean user interface on Apple Macintosh, working with Cenon is inuitive and even fun.

Industry, Sign-Making, Model-Making

Cenon has been created as well for the industrial area as for sign-making and model-making. With Cenon we succeeded to integrate several areas of manufacturing in one easy to use application.


Cenon allows the use of all system fonts, especially high quality Type 1 and Open Type fonts. You can import and manufacture data from many data sources like PostScript, PDF, DXF, HPGL, Gerber, SVG, etc., usually without complicated preparations. All calculations like tool radius corrections are done in floating point precision. If for example, you have to cut a pocket into a front panel, or need to cut out signs from a batch, the tool-radius correction of all parts can be set to the inside or outside with a single click. automatically be correct.

  Data Import
To enjoy a stress-free data transition you will need a versatile data import. Cenon offers: PostScript (PS, EPS), PDF, Adobe-Illustrator (with PS-Header), DXF, SVG, Gerber, HPGL, drill formats (Sieb&Mayer, Excellon, Wessel), NC-Data/G-Codes.
Additionally, Cenon offers the import of text lists, raster images (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, ...), and the icut format.
For mass production it is possible to use a bar code reader to import prepared manufacturing files.

  Data Manipulation
For re-editing imported data, Cenon provides powerful editing functions. Of course, these can be applied to create complex graphics right within Cenon as well, using (Poly-)Lines, Circles, Arcs, Bezier Curves, complex Paths and Groups. Additionally, you get text boxes with complete RTF text system. Also, raster images. Further, Cenon offers Sinkings, Threads, Drill Holes, Markers, Webs.
Beside editing graphics, Cenon empowers you to work on graphic objects by applying transformations like moving, rotating, arranging, as well as by applying complex manipulations like uniting, joining and punching.

Cenon provides a very practical assignment of production steps to layers.
Beside assigning tools, precise manufacturing demands important tool-corrections (Inside-Correction, Outside-Correction, Pick-Out for engraving), as well as fill algorithms (Line-Filling in any direction, Contour-Filling).
Cenon also offers batch production with serial numbers, Approach angle, Stepwise processing, Finishing.
Further, special features like Reliefs, or Printed Circuit Board Prototyping.

Cenon integrates the ability to control a CNC machine or plotter directly (DNC). For this purpose, Cenon provides Position-Management, Tool-Magazine, and last but not least a Control-Panel.
The Control-Panel allows the positioning of the machine, as well as starting and interrupting the output process at any time. You can adjust machine functions like Spindle Revolution or Feed during the output process. If needed, switches allow the manual switching of cooling, spindle, fixtures, suction, etc.

In combination with the optional Camera+Targeting, Cenon is able to automatically gauge working pieces and transform the output accordingly. Camera-Gauging becomes possible only by Cenon's direct numeric control (DNC).
In case you need to manufacture on a terminal-driven machine, Cenon allows the export of the manufacturing data to a G-Code or HPGL file.



Cenon can drive most Maschines and CNC Controllers on the market.

Please visit our System pages to get an overview of a selection of Systems for various applications. There you can also request an individual offer for a manufacturing system fitting your demands.

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